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What to expect from our tantric massage/tuition

When you arrive for your appointment, you will immediately be enveloped in the prevailing sense of peace A masseuse will welcome you and lead you into a beautiful airy massage room with its own bathroom Uplifting and meditative music (mantras) will be playing in the background to help quieten the mind and soothe the spirit. We like to have a short chat with you when you arrive, to put you at ease, and to enable you to clarify any issues you may have.


You can begin with a shower or a leisurely  bath - the choice is yours. The massage starts with a Swedish-style massage, to relax the muscles.If you enjoy deeper massage on the neck ,back and shoulders, this can be incorporated. Prostate massage can also be included at your request. We also like to include a head/foot massage at the end, but again, this is up to the individual. You will be lying on a very comfortable, extra wide, massage table and you will be covered in warm oil.

For the first half of the massage, you will be lying on your front. As the massage proceeds, you will be brought up to just before the point of no return and back several times, in order to experience being very turned on, energised, yet extremely relaxed, at the same time - without the feeling of urgency which is normally there. We will do some simple yogic breathing/basic meditation techniques which helps to quieten the mind and to spread energy throughout the body. This  is also a useful tool to help with issues of premature ejaculation.

Everyone responds in their own unique and individual way but most of our visitors experience some form of deep, inner orgasmic movement of energy, with waves of bliss spreading throughout the entire body. This is quite different to their usual experience, and it results in a heightened, powerful flow of energy, deep relaxation and clarity of mind as well as a feeling of lightness and centredness . You will feel re-energised and healed in mind and body - this ecstatic, blissful  feeling is a taste of what tantra is really about. Many visitors report that they have never felt this feeling before, in their whole life.


As above, but adapted to women, providing them with a safe space in which to experience and explore issues around their sensuality/sexuality. Click BLOG for more information.



You can bring your partner with you and learn how to give one another a tantric massage, with the help and guidance of a tantric masseuse.

If you are a man and do not have a partner, one of our  masseuses can teach you how to give a tantric massage to a woman by demonstrating and allowing you to practice the techniques on her

We offer similar sessions for women, but they will need to book well in advance, so that we can provide a male 'body' at our  clinic, for them to practice on.For relevant information and articles click on  BLOG.

An additional massage table can be brought into the room for couples who would both like to  receive a massage in the same room.For pricing information, click FEES.



I would like to book an appointment for man. Please find my contact details:


I would like to book an appointment for man. Please find my contact details:


I would like to book an appointment for man. Please find my contact details: