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Feel the bliss at Tantric Massage London

We are one of the first Tantric massage clinics to open in London in 1992 where we were originally based in Kensington. We are now located in East London, Londonfields, only one stop away from Liverpool St and do out calls all over London. We have developed our own version of tantric massage: an exquisite blissful whole body massage which encompasses body, mind and spirit, and which is intensely pleasurable, relaxing and energising. We combine principles of tantra, tao and meditation with body to body erotic sensual massage, along with a strong foundation in deep tissue, Esalen-style Swedish and Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage. A supremely enjoyable, relaxing yet energising, total body massage experience and a sure way to relieve stress and restore energy. It is available for men, women and couples.


There are many different opinions and schools of thought, depending on the level of understanding of the practitioner. The term ‘tantric massage’ was coined in the 1970’s and gave rise to a variety of trainings and qualifications, which have also changed and evolved. Traditional tantra is a body of ancient esoteric teachings which date back thousands of years. These teachings are difficult to understand without guidance, and have nothing whatsoever to do with massage. For an insight into traditional Tantra in India, click on tantra To read about modern interpretations or neo-tantra, click on neo-tantra. I have also written an article on the origin of tantric massage on my blog This explains what in general terms is understood to be tantric massage today.


We offer tantric massage and tuition to men, women and couples and we are finding that more and more women, as well as couples, are becoming genuinely interested and pro-active in improving the sensual aspect of their lives. Tantric massage can help the receiver to connect more deeply with his/her own inner energy and senses, as well as that of a partner. This is enabled through deep breathing, the intimacy of conscious touch, and the release and alignment of our sensual, emotional and spiritual energies. When you arrive for your appointment, you will immediately be enveloped in the prevailing sense of peace. A masseuse will welcome you and lead you into a beautiful massage room. Uplifting and meditative music (mantras) will be playing in the background to help quieten the mind and soothe the spirit. We like to have a short chat with you when you arrive, to put you at ease, and to enable you to clarify any issues you may have or want support with. After your tantric massage or tuition session (links for explicit details/description of actual massage and tuition) you will have time if you'd like to have a brief reflection or chat otherwise we strongly encourage you to stay with the feelings and sensations to allow your body the space to integrate and absorb the unique experience as you depart.